Cemetery Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • The City shall have charge of all surveying, platting, and other cemetery improvements including landscaping and the installation of benches.
  • All graves must be dug by employees of the City, and no grave shall be opened less than SIX INCHES from the boundary line of the lot.
  • The completion of a gravesite is the responsibility of the family.  This includes planting or laying grass, approved marker installation, etc.  No water hose shall be left unattended or it will be disconnected.
  • The Ely Cemetery will provide perpetual care. The filling of settled graves and repair of uneven markers will be completed as budget allows. Families are encouraged to complete this work as they are able.
  • No dogs, alcoholic beverages, ATVs or snowmobiles are allowed on cemetery property. Disorderly conduct will not be permitted. Dumping of garbage, litter, refuse is prohibited.
  • No person shall have in his or her possession a firearm or explosive, except an on-duty police officers and members of military organizations conducting honors at military funerals or civic functions. 
  •  It is prohibited to break or injure any tree or shrub, mar any landmark, marker or headstone or in any way deface the grounds of the cemetery.  The City of Ely is responsible for all tree removal in the cemetery.
  • NO stakes are to be installed in blacktop surfaces of the Cemetery for Memorial Service Ceremony Tents, etc. Any Damage caused by those actions with Repairs to be done or paid for by Responsibility Party. Use Counterweights, Sandbags instead.


Plants and Decorations


  • Fresh and artificial flowers shall be allowed in proper containers for beautification of our cemetery so they do not impede the regular maintenance of the grounds.  Containers shall be elevated or raised above ground level.
  • Properly trimmed ornamental shrubs shall be permitted as long as they are groomed by the family and approved by the City of Ely prior to installation.
  • No trees or flower beds of any kind shall be permitted.  Stone or steel shall not be permitted as a border on any lot.
  • Ornamentation (shepherd hooks, vases, solar lights, planters, wind chimes, windmills, etc.) is permitted if it does not interfere with the mowing process.
  • All objects that the City deems undesirable will be removed.


Internments and Cremations

  • Two bodies in one grave shall not be permitted
  • Four cremations can be buried with one regular burial or in one designated grave site (Note: there may be exceptions due to placement of markers)
  • No internment of a body other than that of a human being shall be permitted
  • No cremains shall be deposited at any location in the Cemetery unless by City of Ely personnel and must be recorded in compliance with standard Cemetery practices. Unauthorized cremains on Cemetery property will be removed by City personnel for disposition.
  • The owners of lots shall not allow internments to be made in their lots for remuneration, nor shall any transfer of assignments of any lot therein be made without the consent of the city in writing
  • The City sets the winter burial dates dependent on weather conditions and frost depth.  All internments and burial of cremainsmust be approved by the City of Ely Clerk’s Office at 218-365-3224 – extension 1 or toll free 1-855-884-1374 extension 1


Markers and Monuments


  • Headstones and their bases are to sit on a Foundation flush with the ground.  Footstones are to be set flush with the ground on a supporting Foundation. The Foundation must extend 3 inches beyond the base of the stone on all sides and be a minimum of 6 inches thick to prevent sinking.
  • Lot Corner pins will be located, and identified with markers, by a City of Ely employee prior to installation of any Foundation, Footstone, or Headstone and Base. No Monument, Stone or Foundation shall be placed nearer than SIX INCHES to the boundary line of the lot. Monument rows shall be geometrically aligned.
  • Foundations Shall Be aligned and Flush with Horizontal Ground grade and the middle of the Foundation Shall Be Installed with the Center of the Foundation Even with Sloped Ground.
  • All headstones will be set under the direction of the City of Ely.  Any variation from this requirement must be approved by the City of Ely prior to installation.

Wedge Stones are Headstones, Not Foot Stones.

Flat Markers should be of standard size

 20” X  10" X 4"

 24" X  12" X 4"

 36" X  12" X 4"

 42" X  14" X 4" (for 2 or more plots)

Monuments are allowed at a maximum height of 30”.

Contact the Clerk’s Office at 365-3224 or 1-855-884-1374 extension 1 for approval.


Veterans Cemetery Plot Policies and Rules for Internment

  • A veteran and spouse may occupy the same plot only if both are cremated.
  • All Footstones will be of granite, marble or bronze and of uniform size and style as provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • To prevent the sinking of Footstones, all Footstones will be mounted on a cement Foundation which extends 3 inches beyond the base of the stone on all sides and be a minimum of 6 inches thick.   
  • All Footstones are to be set flush with the ground to ensure easy mowing and trimming of the veterans plot.
  • All Footstones will be set under the direction of the City of Ely to ensure uniform placement of the Footstones.
  • The veteran’s stone will be placed above the spouse’s stone.
  • When purchasing a veteran’s plot, the deed of the veteran’s plot will reflect that both veteran and spouse are to be cremated and both veteran and spouse are going to occupy the same plot.
  • A copy of the DD-214 form must be provided to the City of Ely Clerk/Treasurer’s office.
  • The City of Ely has allowed these policies and rules to be made by American Legion Post 248 and VFW Post 2717.                                                                                                   

The Cemetery Committee will provide funds for flowers at the

Veterans Memorial Flag Pole Site on Memorial Day Weekend.


(Revised 3/2022)