Please reference the link below for the complete document regarding open burning rules within the City from MN State Statute.  

 For backyard fire pits or barbecue's:

An open burning permit is not, pursuant to state statute, required for:

A fire started when the ground is snow covered. "Snow-covered" means the ground has a continuous, unbroken cover of snow, to a depth of three inches or more, surrounding the immediate area of the fire, sufficient to keep the fire from spreading.

• A campfire. "Campfire" means a fire set for cooking, warming, or ceremonial purposes, which is not more than three feet in diameter by three feet high, with all combustible materials cleared at least five feet from the base of the fire.

• A fire contained in a charcoal grill, camp stove, or other device designed for the purpose of cooking or heating.

• A fire in a DNR-approved burner.