Police Commission

The Commission shall be an advisory authority over the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of all employees of the police department except for the Chief of Police. In executing its duties and responsibilities, the Commission shall follow the policies and procedures as established by the City Council.

The Council may assign additional duties and responsibilities to the Commission or otherwise modify or limit the duties and responsibilities of the Commission as the Council determines by its action in the best interest of the City. The Ely City Council may approve, modify, or reverse any action of the Police Civil Service Commission.


Mike Banovetz
Term Expires:  01/31/2025

 Jake Mather
Term Expires: 01/31/2027

Paul Dunnom
Term Expires:  01/31/2026

 Larry Reedy
Term Expires:  01/31/2027

Mauro Caruso
Term Expires:  01/31/2026


 Jerome Debeltz– Council Representative

Chad Houde - Chief of Police

 Regular Meetings:  2nd Tuesday of month, 5:00 P.M. 

City Hall Conference Room, upper floor Ely City Hall