Tree Board

  • The Tree Board shall develop a City Tree Plan for planting, the care, pruning, preservation, removal and disposition of the trees in all public spaces including, but not limited to parks, boulevards, sidewalks, and green spaces.
  • The Board shall review and update the City Tree Plan annually.
  • Members of the Board shall serve without compensation.
  • All actions of the Board shall be submitted to the Projects Committee for review prior to submission to the City Council for action. Annually, on or before by March 15th, the City Tree Plan shall be presented to the City Council and upon acceptance and approval shall constitute the official comprehensive City Tree Plan for the City of Ely.


5 members (3yr terms)

Rita Koch -President
Term expires 1/31/2025

Todd Crego - Vice President
Term expires 1/31/2024

Open Seat
Term expires 1/31/2024

Aspen Zeon Eck
Term expires 1/31/2026

Laura Butterfield

Term expires 1/31/2025

Regular meetings:  Monthly on the 2nd Monday at 6:00pm
City Hall