Park and Recreation Board

PARK & RECREATION BOARD per City Code 2.55

To guide the planning, maintaining, and development of the parks and recreation in Ely. To improve the quality of life for all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities of the residents of Ely and surrounding area.

Adam Bisbee
Council Representative 

Todd Crego - Ely Resident
Term Expires:  01/31/2027

Morgan Sauls - Ely Resident
Term Expires:  01/31/2026

Jen Westlund -  ISD 696 Rep
Term Expires:  01/31/2026

A.Z Eck - Ely Resident
Term Expires:  01/31/2027

 Alyssa Nelson- VCC Rep
Term Expires:  01/31/2027

 Julie Hignell - ECR Rep
Term Expires:  01/31/2025

 Chris "Bud" Ahrens- Ely Resident
Term Expires 1/31/2026

Abby Dare -  
Term Expires - 01/31/2026

Regular Meetings: 3rd Monday of the Month at 5pm - City Hall