Sanitation Committee

City of Ely Sanitation Committee 

Per City Code 2.65

The City of Ely Sanitation Committee shall establish rules and regulations both as to its procedure and the effective management of the refuse and recycling collection within the City of Ely, but subject to approval by the Council.
To serve as a forum for persons to express their views or complaints on subjects relating to refuse and recycling collection within the City of Ely.
The Committee shall establish contracts, rates and charges for refuse and recycling collection, subject to Council approval.


The Committee strives for:

  • Clean neighborhoods in which our residents, visitors, and children can experience a high quality lifestyle.
  • Solid waste services that are collected and disposed in a safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective manner.
  • Enforcement and Sanitation Ordinances that are designed to eliminate illegal dumping and littering.


The Committee takes inquiries relating to trash, recycling, and the procedures of collection and disposal and reports to the City Council.

 Albert Forsman - Council Representative

Paul Kess - Council Representative 

Ryan Callen - Council Representative

OPEN - P&Z Representative

Warren Nikkola - EUC Representative

Phillip Hegfors Jr - Citizen at Large

John Lahtonen - Citizen at Large

 Regular Meetings: 4th Wednesday of the Month at 4:30pm - Meets as needed