Projects Committee

The Ely City Council established the projects committee by combining the Land Committee, Projects Committee, and the Street and Infrastructure Committee.

The Committee shall make recommendations to the Council of all matters dealing with community projects, the Ely Business Park, land sales and acquisition, streets and infrastructure. It may recommend an annual operating budget, recommend capital improvements, and serve as a forum for others to express their views on subjects relating to community projects, land, streets and infrastructure. The Committee shall further recommend to the City Council a prioritized list of projects to be considered to utilize the dedicated monies from the $5.00 EUC street maintenance charge.

The Committee is made up of eleven members:

 -Two council representatives:    

-Clerk-Treasurer - Operations Director:     
HAROLD R LANGOWSKI- Clerk/Treasurer - 

-Representative of Planning and Zoning     

-Two EUC members     

-Three at large Ely residents     
MIKE BANOVEZ - term expires 1/31/2026
KRIS WINKELMAN– term expires 1/31/2026
TOMMY TEIGEN- term expires 1/31/2025

    -City Attorney and Clerk-Treasurer also regularly attend the meeting but are not voting members

 The committee chooses a chair, vice chair, and secretary at the first meeting of the year. Robert's Rule of Order are followed for proceedings.

 The term limits are unlimited for council members, EUC members, Operations Director, and the chair of Planning and Zoning. Their term limits are defined through their seats on the council, EUC, and Planning and Zoning. Three - Citizens at large who shall serve for a term of two (2) years with staggered term appointments; and each member shall be nominated by the Council pursuant to Section 11.01(b) of the Charter of the City of Ely.

 The duties and responsibilities of the committee are the following:

 -Members must have knowledge of the community and regularly attend meetings

-The committee makes recommendations to the City Council concerning city projects

-The committee recommends the use of the Street and Infrastructure funds to the City Council

-Public concerns and complaints concerning infrastructure are addressed at the monthly meetings. This can be streets, utilities, buildings or other city related infrastructure or projects. The committee then makes recommendations to the City Council if warranted.

 Regular Meetings:  2nd Monday of month, 5:00 P.M.  City Hall- Mayors Conference Room